Retopo & Optimisation

CAD files with broken edges? 3D scans with bad geometry? Photogrammetry texture issues? We'll clean up your models to flawlessly match your perfect products.

Retopology and optimised 3d model is one of the most important aspects of our industry. With the advancement of technology, modeling has gotten to a point where a user just has to click a few photos of the product they want to model. Then upload these photos into a software and this wonderful software will give the user a 3D model based on the photos provided. This is not magic. It's called photogrammetry. And it's magic.

Photogrammetry Cleanups

Photogrammetry mesh and texture cleanup, Agisoft based pipelines, E-com texture reprojection - few of the workflows we use according to your requirements

3D Scan Optimisation

Convert raw 3D scans into optimised files with perfect textures with a range of workflows to match your specific need - all with the fastest turnaround times

CAD Retopo

We transform your heavy CAD designs into perfect geometry ready for flawless renders or lightweight AR/VR integrations

Efficiency is a choice

But the problem is that the 3D model produced here is not at all efficient to work with. It's full of triangles, for starters. And the UVs are totally messed up. And this is not just limited to photogrammetry. There are many cases where a 3D model needs to be optimised.

Retopology is the perfect solution. And it just so happens to be our specialty. Our team is full of expert Super-Sayan-level modeling artists who understand edge flow better than anyone. We have our own tricks and workflows which allow us to work efficiently and stay 10 steps ahead of our competitors.

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