AR/VR Ready 3D Model

Augmented reality and virtual reality are changing the way we learn, shop, and interact with all kinds of content. AR is overlaying digital information on top of real-world objects, while VR immerses the user in a digital experience. At times it feels like you're living in a hologram! It's no wonder that companies like Apple, Facebook, Google and others are investing billions into this innovative new technology.

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Accurate but optimised

Models with hyper-accurate shapes and textures with super-high color accuracy optimised for performance on all AR/VR platforms

Compatibility and Scalability

AR/VR ready models with no-compromise quality made for seamless integration with all platforms - scalable to any project size

Platform Integration

From scratch to final publish - uploading to platform, troubleshooting and coding requirements - all your platform needs under one roof

Experience your vision

Here at Baked Moon Studios, we are working with some of the leading, international eyewear brands with more than 7000 models in the pipeline. From 3D Asset creation to setting up the platform and virtual try-on (VTO), we provide clients with the complete solution!

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